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Hey there!

Are you not taking care of your body or mind?


Do you blame, shame and guilt yourself?


Do you feel you’re lacking in confidence?

I can help you!



val-yuh nt (boldly courageous)

Here what people are saying about the 7 Rules of Self-Love

“It's all officially official! I'm changed, I'm renewed, I'm strengthened and equipped. I can now love and am loved. I am smart. I can live in joy and unity with my husband I can love and respect him.”  



Angela Gordon

"Simone’s life story delivers a powerful message that impacts anyone who is willing to hear it.  “People are never the same again” … her ministry leads people to freedom, brings transformation to mindsets and calls them to walk in their true identity. "


Aaron Bachmann


Senior Pastor, Lifestyle Church

"I can truly say my life has changed from the program and I would encourage everyone to do it. I can’t explain it fully but something massive changed in me that day."



Steffan Walsh, Director -


Say Yes to Wealth

Break through


“Often it’s not about attaining more knowledge, but cleaning up the glitches already written in our neural programs, (our beliefs), that cause us to sabotage our success, & pull us down in an emotional swamp! Once this is done, it’s like running off new train tracks that can now take us to a life of freedom, love success and happiness!”


I have been a Neuro Strategist for over 18 years, working with thousands of people around the world to create breakthrough. Be it an elite athlete, Olympic coach, top corporate executives, fortune 500 companies or individuals who want breakthrough in finances, health, relationships or personal happiness.


My forte is addressing the root cause of blockages, limitations and self-sabotage in the deepest level of the brain’s neural programs – OUR IDENTITY. 


This program is not based on text book theory, but proven strategies that literally saved & changed my life as well as thousands of others around the world.


 In my 20’s I was presenting on national television & most people thought I had the world at my feet.  What they didn’t realize was that it was all a mask of confidence that hid a shattered depressed and suicidal little girl underneath. 


These were the very revelations that took me from my darkest point of a failed suicide attempt, feeling absolutely pathetic that I couldn’t even do that, to learning to love & accept myself “warts and all – perfectly imperfect!”  & live a life I truly love and am blessed to have.  I know they can do the same for you!

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