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Address the root cause of Sabotage, blocks and hinderances to your SUCCESS

Get Your S.H.I.P. Together

SAVE 50% - Was $50

In this webinar we will cover

Simone M. Leslie
Master Neuro Strategist
27yrs exp & RESULTS

Simone Leslie is an internationally renowned Master Neuro Strategist, author, speaker, & TV host. She has presented to millions through national television and live audiences for more than two decades. Specializing in removing the subtle lies and limiting beliefs hidden deep in subconscious neural programs that at best frustrate and at worst, decimate our success. Simone works with fortune 500 companies, C-suite executives, elite athletes, VIPs, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations & churches globally. Her revolutionary Neuro Success™ Strategies and techniques create exceptional results in wealth creation, health management, relationships, career development, and business growth.

SAVE 50% - Was $50

I can truly say my life has changed from the program and I would encourage everyone to do it. I can’t explain it fully but something massive has changed in me.               S Walsh

This is a program that should be in every school, imagine what our nation would look like now if we all learnt this stuff back then - Amazing!                                          A Nichols
I experienced instant transformation on this program & have not been the same since.  As I write this 4 years on I continue to experience amazing results in my personal & professional life using the tools taught by Simone.
                                                              I. Peta

SAVE 50% - Was $50


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